The SafeRoom difference
A robust messaging platform for forward thinking companies

Your information is an important asset.
Keep it safe!

Imagine having a super easy-to-use Instant Messaging platform customized for your business with all the features that you need to keep your important conversations in a safe environment.

With SafeRoom you will take back control of your communication and give employees and clients a space built for confidentiality.

All the standard features of a messaging tool redesigned with your business in mind.

Chat in a safe and secure space

Robust, instant and secure platform with 99% up-time. Includes features like 1-on-1 chat, group chat, Off-the-Record live chat, plus send files, voice & text.

Separate professional from personal conversations

Our platform allows your team and clients to communicate in your own professional space with all the features of a top-tier messaging system.

Use Off-the-Record chat

Our unique cache-to-cache technology feature ensures that none of your conversations are archived on any servers or devices.

Easy-to-manage control dashboard

Easily control the basic settings of your own SafeRoom through user management and corporate identity customization tool.

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Customize your look

Offer your team and clients a singular digital environment personalized with your brand’s logo and colors.

Security you can trust.

Apply military-grade security

SafeRoom is end-to-end encrypted via 256 bit AES and TSL/SSL in transit and in storage. We permit zero data mining or third party access.

Data Retention

Choose your desired time frame for data storage; easily purge your data; no 3rd party tracking; ephemeral live-chat; on premise hosting.

Access Control

Easy onboarding and access revoking, screen lock to increase security and easily wipe the information remotely and block lost or stolen devices.

Data Isolation

All data is isolated from each other to prevent accidental data leakage.

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The passionate team behind SafeRoom delivers secure messaging products since 2012. SafeRoom is headquartered in San Francisco, engineered in Germany and connected via a global team on 3 continents