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What is SafeRoom?

SafeRoom is a mobile first messaging platform for small, medium sized companies and teams that value data privacy and security. It is tailored for businesses with a customized design that makes each messenger unique.

We like to think of SafeRoom as a hybrid between a Slack and a WhatsApp with a focus on privacy and security.

How is SafeRoom different from other messaging apps?

SafeRoom has been designed with the business’ needs in mind. Besides a standard instant messaging service like WhatsApp, Signal or SMS, SafeRoom offers access control, a unique off-the-record chat where nothing gets stored on servers or devices and customized design.

What are SafeRoom’s security pillars?

  1. 256 AES end-to-end encryption
  2. Data retention control
  3. Easy user access control
  4. Data isolation
  5. Learn more here

How can I remove a user that no longer works in the company?

The designated administrator of your team will be able to add or remove users from the web administrator tool anytime.

How do I login if I don’t have access to my work email on the device I’m using SR?

The magic link email that the SafeRoom team sends to new users has both a link and a QR code. In the case that your email inbox is on your laptop rather than your phone, for example, you can access it by scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera.

How long does a magic link last?

After the magic link has been sent to a user, it will be valid for 24 hours only. If your code has expired before you were able to use it to sign in, you can ask your admin to invite you again.

What do I do if I’m not able to sign in?

If you’re not able to sign in to your account, it could be because of different reasons:

  1. You’re using a personal email address rather than your work email address.
  2. You have an unstable connection.
  3. Your magic link has expired.

Why can’t I login with my personal email?

The designated email domain for your team is usually your work email domain to avoid other users from joining, which is why you will only be able to sign in using your work email rather than your personal one. If you would like to onboard with a different email address, don’t hesitate to contact your admin or us directly to help you onboard.

If my phone is lost or stolen, how can I access SafeRoom on my new device?

Let the administrator know that you lost your device. Your stolen account should be deleted to avoid others from accessing it. Tell the admin to create you a new account to start from scratch, but safe.

How do I create a group chat?

On the upper right corner of the home screen, there’s a menu icon, where you can choose to create a “New Group”. You then proceed to choose the participants and name the group.

How can I add more people to an existing group?

When you access the group information within the chat, you’ll be able to see all participants and add any new ones.

What is the Key Export feature?

The key export feature works as an encryption backup. When you set this password, your conversations and shared files are saved. Therefore, if you open SafeRoom in a different device in the future, you’re able to retrieve all your past messages with this password.

How do I start an Off-the-record chat?

In any one-to-one chat, you can click on the door icon on the top right corner, which will send an invitation to the other participant to join the off-the-record chat room. Once the other user accepts, you will both be in the live chat room until one or both participants exit.

What’s the benefit of the Off-the-record feature?

For conversations with sensitive or privileged information: SafeRoom’s unique ‘cache-to-cache’ technology ensures that everything shared- messages, photos, files- disappeared without ever leaving traces on servers or devices. Basically, after either one of the chat participants exits the chat, all chat activity is deleted forever, as if it never happened.

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The passionate team behind SafeRoom delivers secure messaging products since 2012. SafeRoom is headquartered in San Francisco, engineered in Germany and connected via a global team on 3 continents