Your business conversations matter
Secure messaging for your company or team
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Your own professional and safe space
Stop worrying about how data is shared within your company
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Your business conversations matter
Secure messaging for your company or team
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Simplicity you can rely on, Security you can trust

SafeRoom offers a secure, customizable and private communication platform that works like an instant messenger.

Easy-to-use, private — and completely safe!

Features that help your team communicate in a private & safe space

All the standard features
of a messaging tool
Off-the-Record live-chat
Customize your look

Simple, user-friendly design

Complete access control

Military-grade encryption

Simple user management

Separate professional and personal conversations

What our clients are saying

"For daily interactions and quick things we used WhatsApp, and as CEO I did not like it. We had no control when an employee leaves the company and after we switched over to SafeRoom I felt at ease with the sensitive information shared by my 200 people team."
Adolfo Babatz
"Our clients demand total privacy and discretion. We work closely with politicians and CEOs from all over the world, therefore security cannot be compromised. With SafeRoom we know we have a state-of-the art security tool that ensures our communication is kept safe."
Carlos Camacho
CEO, Strategic Affairs
"I was concerned about the mishandling of confidential information on apps like WhatsApp. Our company is responsible for a large volume of sensitive data, so switching to a secure messaging solution was inevitable. SafeRoom allowed us to implement an easy-to-use military-grade encryption for our internal messaging."
Rodrigo Ocejo
CEO, Kuspit
"Secure communications is a necessary requirement of all sensitive business communications – particularly in discussions between companies and their attorneys. Our lawyers globally have not found a better secure communications solution than SafeRoom. SafeRoom sets the standard."
Mark White
CEO, White & Summers


Your information is your most important
asset, keep it safe!

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The passionate team behind SafeRoom delivers secure messaging products since 2012. SafeRoom is headquartered in San Francisco, engineered in Germany and connected via a global team on 3 continents